Moran’s Eye


a crystal vessel filled with fire


The ancient fomorian king Moran was known for his pursuit of fell magic. He transformed his evil eye into a crystal vessel filled with fire. He then crafted several lesser eyes of similar design, naming them Moran’s Eyes and giving them to powerful monsters in exchange for fealty.

The troll king Vard, founder of the realm of Vardar, wielded one of Moran’s Eyes, using it to dominate his violent subjects. When Vardar was sacked, Vard was killed in battle at Kadorhak, his body vanishing in a sheet of orange flame. The forces of good assumed he had been incinerated, but it is rumored that the power of Moran’s Eye carried his body back to the Great Warren. Troll shamans later interred Vard’s remains and the Eye in a great barrow hidden in the Trollhaunt.

Moran’s Eye

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