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  • The Emerald Dawn

    A group of raiders targeting elven settlements. Mixed group of Dragonborn and Yuan-Ti raiders. Led by someone calling themselves [[:the-dawn | The Dawn]].

  • Skalmad

    Skalmad is the leader of a large group of organized trolls that reside in a kingsom he calls Vardar, located in the troll haunts outside of [[moonstair | Moonstair]]. Legend holds that he is capable of rising even after death, having been buried at …

  • Vard

    The troll king founder of the realm of Vardar, wielded one of Moran’s Eyes, using it to dominate his violent subjects. When Vardar was sacked, Vard was killed in battle at Kadorhak, his body vanishing in a sheet of orange flame.

  • Moran

    An ancient fomorian king, Moran was known for his pursuit of fell magic. He transformed his evil eye into a crystal vessel filled with fire. He then crafted several lesser eyes of similar design, naming them Moran’s Eyes and giving them to powerful …

  • Kasszt

    Encountered during the hunt for [[:skalmad | Skalmad]] this elite shaman managed to beg for his life before betraying the group and fleeing from them, his where abouts are currently unkowen.