Tag: loot


  • Pure spirit totem

    Interwoven vines carved on this totem symbolize the primal magic of healing and growth held within it. [[:vennerzad | Vennerzad]] discovered it during [[Mavrak, Part 2 | Mavrak, Part 2]]

  • Creeping gatevine

    This red-flowering vine grows on the stones of magical gates and menhirs. Found by [[:vennerzad | Vennerzad]] during the [[Mavrak, Part 2 | Mavrak, Part 2]] and given to [[:croatoa-the-witch-hunter | Dwyer, the witch hunter]]

  • Whiteflame Armor

    Provided by [[:rualiss | Rualiss]] to [[:aelar-1 | Aelar]] during the [[The seige of Moonstair | seige of Moonstair]].

  • Goggles of the night

    "This eyewear":http://www.binbin.net/photos/hm-armed-forces/hm-/hm-armed-forces-deluxe-night-vision-goggles.jpg provides you with darkvision. The party found it while searching the camp where [[:etheran-1 | Etheran]] and [[:bax-1 | Bax]] were ambushed. …

  • Skull Mask

    "LVL 15 uncommon item":http://www.rubbergorilla.co.uk/IMAGES/large%20mask%20pics/metal%20skull%20mask.jpg price 25k property: Enemies who can see you take a -2 penalty to saving throws against fear effects. property: Gain resist 10 necrotic, and a +2 …