Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

The seige of Moonstair

Cadno and Chi ran further into Moonstair to help the town watch secure the docks while Bax joined the rest of the team in identifying a blightborn troglodyte riding a Manticore and three Wyverns cycling in the skies preparing to attack. Lucci began casting her spells to ward off the attacks as the creatures commenced flybys. Aelar protected his allies from the ground while Dwyer took to the roofs with Vennerzad’s summoned companion to flank with the Vampiric striker. Bax relied on his wings gifted as part of his draconic heritage to take to the skies and fight the winged aggressors in their natural environment. Jealous of Bax effectiveness, Dwyer fell through his own shadow emerging 40’ in the air slashing at a Wyvern as he plummeted to the ground. Sensing that the battle had turned the remaining Wyvern’s banked in the sky and took off for parts unknown.
No sooner had the Wyverns disappeared than the ground rumbled and blightborn thorns and demon thorns sprang from the earth. Jockeying for position amongst the minions and controller Lucci used her mage hand to drop the heavy gate upon a demon thorn. Remarkably the lumbering giant was able to roll out of the way, avoiding the damage. Dwyer used his shadow magic to draw all combatants to him before teleporting out of the way so Lucci could devastate them with another arcane spell.
Finishing off the vile beasts the team took a breath and realized they had turned the tide of the battle. Helping with the cleanup of Moonstair the party learned the extent of what had happened. Most of the villagers had fallen back inside the eastern wall. Kelna led the battle at the docks in which most of the city watch fell stopping troglodytes from landing another wave for the siege. Taking a boat out to Rualiss’ island they found the Eladrin burning a pyre of monsters that had mistaken his island for being uninhabited. Aelar presented the arcanist with the broken skull the party found in Mavrak and Rualiss presented him with a suit of whiteflame armor in thanks as well as telling the party the legend of Moran and Vard.

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