Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

Mavrak pt 3 and the return to Moonstair

Surfacing from the ruins the group continued their exploration of the Mavrak ruins in search of Skalamad’s resting place. Approaching three large burial mounds in the distance Cadno and Dwyer made out the shapes of several lurking creatures. As the group closed on the site they identify a life eater wight among mob and greater ghouls. Drawing the undead to them the team manages to dispatch their opponents with little harm to themselves. As the skirmish comes to an end a glowing bird circles the heroes, it is a message from Rualiss informing them that Moonstair is under siege by trolls. Before setting out to Moonstair the heroes quickly ransack the burial mounds finding some treasure and confirming that Skalamad’s bones were still resting, its eye socket missing. With that knowledge everyone returned to Moonstair with no rest.

The heroes reached the perimeter of Moonstair on the third day of travel not knowing what to expect. What they found were Ogres, Trolls and far realm abominations raiding the outskirts of the village. Splitting up the party ran into the midst of the chaos. Running through the streets the heroes handled the battle with upmost confidence. With their timely intervention the heroes managed to distract the Ogre warhulk and ice trolls from penetrating the outer walls. Chi, Cadno & Vennerzad fought off both Grimlock grunts and Nothic Gazers in the alleyways while Aelar, Lucci and Dwyer focused on the larger enemies. As the immediate threats were dispatched the team looked to the sky and saw several flying creatures begging to descend upon them…

Video overview of Mavrak encounters



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