Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

Mavrak, Part 2

Monday, March 7th

The party continues its exploration of the ruins under Mavrak. They investigate the collapsed passage and find a small area hidden in the rubble, locating three creeping gate vines. Exploring the doorway, they discover another exit leading deeper into the ruined troll town.
Heading further underground by way of the stairs, the group discovers an area in a state of collapse. Where the swamp has invaded the dungeon, they encounter a Stormrage Shambler and four Azure Jellies. Defeating the monsters, the party recovers 6 pp, 100 gp, and 2 topazes (each worth 500 gp).
Proceeding deeper into the complex, the party arrives in a large chamber. Bas relief of trolls building their kingdom adorn the walls. The images depict trolls fighting eladrin and using dwarves as slaves to build their fortifications. In the chamber, they fight a two-headed troll, a troglodyte curse chanter, more troglodyte warriors, and troglodyte spear warriors. Defeating the curse chanter, they secure as treasure:
1 scroll of ghost walk
1 cloudy lilac diamond (1000gp)
2 black pearls (500 gp)
1 bronze circlet studded with ruby chips (500 gp)
2 pp
2 Thunderstones
+2 Pure Spirit Totem



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