Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

Kill Skalmad: part one

Leaving Moonstair the party headed north towards the Trollhaunts seeking the last camp site of Etheran’s team. With Vennerzad leading them towards the swamps and bogs of the vile land the party reached the Oarrk ruins without any difficulties. Navigating a broken road on the second day, en route to Bravak, the party came across two trolls leading a flamekiss hydra through the woods. Both groups were equally surprised at the others presence as they spread out for a fight.

Chi put on a burst of speed covering the gap and taking the fight to the hydra. However he was ill prepared for the hydra’s attack as its heads spit fire and acid while taking several bites of the monk. Vennerzad summoned his spirit ally and with a howl that chilled the Hydra distracted the beast long enough for Chi to escape the fiend. Cadno stepped up to the first of the ignorant trolls and laid it low with a strike from his two weapons as Aelar approached both trolls engaging them in combat so his allies would have time to prepare for further battle. Lucci cast her arcane wizardry on the trolls helping the ranger and paladin contain the two trolls Chi covered the distance to Cadno’s victim and finished it with a light touch to its chest and in a blur of movement positioned himself on the second troll. Dwyer then made his presence felt as he materialized next to the hydra and took several of its heads with a swipe of his blade as a trophy. With the trolls dropped the full force of the party opened up on the mighty hydra. The hydra repeatedly destroyed the great bear’s spirit wolf and even nearly dropped Dwyer, despite his shift to an insubstantial state, however it made its final two mistakes by ignoring Aelar’s threats to lash out at Cadno once more; together the two put an end to the beast. Finishing their journey the party found the remnants of the camp site where Skalmad ambushed Bax’s allies. While searching the area for clues Lucci found a discarded pair of goggles of the night and Vennerzad once more picked up tracks leading to the mountains to the west. Trekking through the wilderness the party eventually came upon a gated cave by a nearby river. Dwyer and Lucci hung back as the rest of the team approached the gate trying to bribe the guard with gold for entrance. Catching sight of a Marrowmaw watching him from a crack in the face of the cave and with the gate keep calling out for Skalmad to come forth Dwyer chose to take action, fading from sight he teleported inside the cave materializing next to his stalker and greeted him with his great sword. The trolls and impalers were ill prepared as Vennerzad summoned a spirit of soil and rock within the cave as Cadno and Aelar tore the gate from its hinges with their strikes. As the rest of the party gained entrance to the base Lucci laid out suppressing fonts of fire and ice as the villains tried to rally against the invaders. Chi engaged the closest enemy while off handing several shurken at its closest ally. Emerging from the shadow of one of the trolls Dwyer infected it with his heart of dust curse as Aelar nearly split a troll in half with a powerful bolstering strike. The entry to the cave was taken quickly and with little issue and now the heroes push deeper into the cave knowing that finally they have found Skalmad and are ready to put an end to his campaign against Moonstair…



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