Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

Journey to Moonstair

Tuesday, February 8th

The PCs gather up the treasure secured by defeating The Emerald Dawn, and begin making their way to moonstair. Along the way, they encounter an oni mage, a pair of trolls, and a trio of troglodyte impalers pawning over the corpse of a horse and it’s human rider. Defeating the monsters, the PCs search the rider and recover the message it was carrying – a letter from Kelana Dhoram to th Baron of Therund.

The letter expressed condolences. The Baron’s son, Etheran, has been killed by Skalmad and his trolls. The letter also indicated that Etheran’s sword, Sunwrath, was lost to the trolls. They also appealed to the Baron for help, because Skalmad intends to march on Moonstair with his horde.

The PCs decide to continue to Moonstair, and make their report to Kelana. They find lodgings at cloudwatch inn, and check Cham‘s stock of adventuring gear. After securing their lodgings, they present themselves to Kelana. Kelana rewards the PCs for their loyalty and pays the party 500 gp for coming to their aid. She informs the party that a troll warband intends to sack Moonstair, that the baron’s son has been killed, and the ancestral sword of the Barony lost.

The party accepts Kelana’s quests to defeat the troll “king” Skalmad, search for the ancestral sword Sunwrath, and defend the town of Moonstair. They learn from Kelana that a member of Etheran’s party, a dragonborn named Bax, survived and returned to town. Kelana supplies the party 2500 gp to finance the party’s activities from the town treasury.

The party searches for Bax, finding him in poor sorts – drunk and immensely disturbed by the events that befell his friends. They convince Bax to join them, not only to guide them back to the last known location of Etheran and Sunwrath, but also to potentially avenge his friends’ deaths.

The group also visits with Rualiss, an Eladrin wizard living in exile in an island in the Nentir River near town. He agrees to send an arcane message to the Baron detailing events and lobbying for assistance. Rualiss also provides some history of the region relevant to their quest – implying that Skalmad is either a reincarnated king of the lost troll kingdom of Vardar, or a pretender using his legacy to rally trolls under his banner. Rualiss tells the players that Skalmad was believed buried in a mound near the ancient Vardar ruin of Mavrak.

The group sets out the next day, deciding to first visit the mound near Mavgar Ruins. The trip takes several days by horse over swampy fens. Approaching Mavgar, they encounter a pair of trolls, an ettin marauder, and a stone giant taking shelter in one of the crumbling ruins. They take a fight to the monsters defeating them. In the ruins, the party recovers a gold ceremonial breastplate with a bas-relief of a withered tree (worth about 2500 gp), and a +3 battleaxe.


I am not in love with the +3 ax if anyone else is feeling strikerish.

Journey to Moonstair

Myself, John, Tina and Lance attended this session and were awarded 1,575 xp

Journey to Moonstair

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