Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

Fane of the Emerald Dawn, Pt 2

The Party continues its exploration of the Fane. Parting the curtain of horrid necrotic flesh, they reveal a living area for servants of The Dawn. The defeat a group of Dragonborn Raiders and a dragonborn fire adept, although the fight is pitched and hard.

The group decides to rest before continuing further. Their rest is disrupted by a team of dragonborn gladiators, who attempt to sneak upon them during their repast. The attempt fails, and the party defends themselves, dispatching their attackers handidly.

The group continues, finding the leader of the raiders, the Dawn. Revealing herself as an adult green dragon, she defends herself against the party amid a horrible trap that forces victims into a realm of mirrors and fog. The entire group survives the void, although they learn that the lost souls of many elves still remain, trapped in the fog. The group slays The Dawn, and recovers her treasure:

Premonition Ring
2 Potions of Clarity, 10th
A chest containing 2000 gold coins stamped with a mint from lost Vardar (a lost Troll kingdom), with the words “FRUM SKALMAD” carved into the chest
2 casks of elven wine (worth 200 gp total)
5 Bolts of cotton (worth 400 gp total)
120 platinum coins
2 emeralds (worth 2000 gp total)
5500 gold coins
A silver lamp inlaid with moonstones (worth 1500 gp)
A bone scroll case capped with decorative onyx (worth 500 gp), with a scroll of Raise Dead within.


We did in fact kill a dragon, for reelz. Awesome time thank you Matt

Fane of the Emerald Dawn, Pt 2

Myself, John, Tina and Lance attended this session and were awarded 1,575 xp

Fane of the Emerald Dawn, Pt 2

Correction, the below note is incorrect

Fane of the Emerald Dawn, Pt 2

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