Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

Continuing tp Explore Mavrak, Part 1

Saturday, February 26th

After the initial foray with the trolls, stone giant, and ettin, the party continues to explore the ruined town of Mavrak. Among the ancient stones, they detect movement near a set of stairs leading underground.

Investigating the site, they awaken an Earth Titan, who defends it’s ruin aggressively. The party rallies and defeats the primordial elemental. Taking the stairs, they begin to explore the lost chambers underneath the swampy ruins and find them overrun by troglodytes. The troglodytes fight with tooth and claw, spear and javelin, against the intruders. They also call upon a pair of bloodrager trolls and some domesticated rust monsters in their defense of the lair.

During the foray, the party also discovers a large throne holding a bone golem made principally of the skeletal remains of a cyclops. The golem awakens and battles the party, as do an advanced arcane animated arbilest and a corroded helmed horror. The party defeats the constructs, and discovers that they were guarding an Ironskin Belt.

At this juncture, the party is faced with a decision – pass through a set of doors, follow a flight of stairs deeper into the complex, or investigate a collapsed hall.


we were also awarded 500 gp from the gems found in the bone golem’s throne


Also Jefe and I both popped a sun rod for illumination


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