Matts Revenge of the Giants Campaign

Kill Skalmad: part two

Having successfully gained entrance to the cave the party pushed deeper into the complex avoiding the surging river. Dwyer, acting as a scout, took the lead and snuck into a large room where he found a dire bear and a troll arcanist in addition to piles of bones. Falling back to the group and informing them of the danger ahead they decided to push forward. Each member, covered in a spell of invisibility by Vennerzad, set about moving into the cave to ambush their enemies until the bear managed to sniff them out. Taking action Cadno rallied his martial abilities and flew from the ground mounting the platform the troll was standing upon and slashing down with his axe and katar, knocking the vinespeaker to the ground. Relying upon Cadno’s infernal heritage and resistance to fire Lucci uttered a word of power and the dais went up in a consuming flame. Aelar surged forward from the back ranks and although not able to close on the bear was able to call it out none the less. The venerable Chi Gong Dong cut through reality with a wave of his hand and walking through instantly appeared adjacent to the dire animal. With a staggering look from the monk the dire bear recoiled further into the depths of the cavern and ran into Dwyer as he emerged from its own shadow. The Dhampyr lashed out with his weapon but the bear’s unnatural body absorbed the blow with no real harm done. On the natural platform the vinespeaker gathered its wits and rose to its feats cutting Cadno with its claws. As if on cue one of the piles of bones erupted into the air as three small skulls ignited in black fire and flew about the room. Turning their hollow eyes on Cadno and Aelar the heroes went slack as their wills were dominated. Cadno immediately shook loose of their dark influence and drove his katar through the trolls chest as Lucci finished it with another bolt of power. Aelar, unable to shake the domination at first, turned on Lucci and folded her in half with a powerful swing of his weapon. As Chi and Dwyer continued to fight the dire bear Vernnerzad focused his attention on the blackfire skulls summoning a wolf hunt upon the skulls while also healing some of the wounds of his teammates. Chi also fell to the skulls dominating gaze as he struck out at both Aelar and Lucci with staff and stars. Aelar eventually shook off their power and put an end to their presence as the rest of the party put an end to the bear.
Moving on the party found a food storage area and what appeared to be the barracks for the members of Skalmad’s army. Finding the door locked to the barracks, Dwyer took out his tools and began work on gaining entrance as the rest of the party took up positions to breach the portal. No sooner did the latch fall open, reviling a hallway with a door to the left and right towards the front and another hallway at the end, than Cadno, Chi and Vennerzad launched their attacks. The inhabitants of the room, at what first appeared to be a pair of nothic gazers and further marrowmaw impalers, were shocked as Chi and Cadno rushed forth banking to either side of the hall and through the initial doors engaging the gazers in their rooms as Vennerzad’s deadly wolf sprang forth on the first of the imaplers at the back of the hallway. Aelar dropped to his knees, in front of Vennerzad, calling for the raven queens blessing upon the parties battle as Dwyer teleported to the end of the hallway bloodying an impaler and spotting a masked shaman hiding in a corner of the off shoot hallway. Cadno, making short work of his gazer, strode confidently back into the hall and engaged another impaler. With the team quickly wrapping up the inhabitants of the barracks Aelar called out to keep the shaman alive for questioning. After relieving him of his mask the party learned the shaman’s name was Kasszt and he managed to plead for his life in exchange for information. He informed the party that Skalmad’s throne room was nearby and watched as the party ransacked the adjoining rooms making sure their victory there was complete.
Setting out for Skalmad’s throne room the party would quickly regret their mercy as Kasszt sounded an alarm as he led them eastward towards a vast cave that spanned the earlier river with imaplers and maulers waiting for the party as well as a troglodyte chieftain. At first the adventurers found themselves bottle necked as the troglodytes took position but as Lucci unleashed blasts of arcane energy at the group of aggressors while Vennerzad’s spirit wolf and Dwyer appeared behind them they were forced to spread out or die. During the chaos of battle Kasszt made his escape knowing that Cadno would end him if given the chance. The tide of battle turned Chi finished off those few maulers that survived the opening rush of the party. And the party took count of their status preparing to push further into the cave.

Kill Skalmad: part one

Leaving Moonstair the party headed north towards the Trollhaunts seeking the last camp site of Etheran’s team. With Vennerzad leading them towards the swamps and bogs of the vile land the party reached the Oarrk ruins without any difficulties. Navigating a broken road on the second day, en route to Bravak, the party came across two trolls leading a flamekiss hydra through the woods. Both groups were equally surprised at the others presence as they spread out for a fight.

Chi put on a burst of speed covering the gap and taking the fight to the hydra. However he was ill prepared for the hydra’s attack as its heads spit fire and acid while taking several bites of the monk. Vennerzad summoned his spirit ally and with a howl that chilled the Hydra distracted the beast long enough for Chi to escape the fiend. Cadno stepped up to the first of the ignorant trolls and laid it low with a strike from his two weapons as Aelar approached both trolls engaging them in combat so his allies would have time to prepare for further battle. Lucci cast her arcane wizardry on the trolls helping the ranger and paladin contain the two trolls Chi covered the distance to Cadno’s victim and finished it with a light touch to its chest and in a blur of movement positioned himself on the second troll. Dwyer then made his presence felt as he materialized next to the hydra and took several of its heads with a swipe of his blade as a trophy. With the trolls dropped the full force of the party opened up on the mighty hydra. The hydra repeatedly destroyed the great bear’s spirit wolf and even nearly dropped Dwyer, despite his shift to an insubstantial state, however it made its final two mistakes by ignoring Aelar’s threats to lash out at Cadno once more; together the two put an end to the beast. Finishing their journey the party found the remnants of the camp site where Skalmad ambushed Bax’s allies. While searching the area for clues Lucci found a discarded pair of goggles of the night and Vennerzad once more picked up tracks leading to the mountains to the west. Trekking through the wilderness the party eventually came upon a gated cave by a nearby river. Dwyer and Lucci hung back as the rest of the team approached the gate trying to bribe the guard with gold for entrance. Catching sight of a Marrowmaw watching him from a crack in the face of the cave and with the gate keep calling out for Skalmad to come forth Dwyer chose to take action, fading from sight he teleported inside the cave materializing next to his stalker and greeted him with his great sword. The trolls and impalers were ill prepared as Vennerzad summoned a spirit of soil and rock within the cave as Cadno and Aelar tore the gate from its hinges with their strikes. As the rest of the party gained entrance to the base Lucci laid out suppressing fonts of fire and ice as the villains tried to rally against the invaders. Chi engaged the closest enemy while off handing several shurken at its closest ally. Emerging from the shadow of one of the trolls Dwyer infected it with his heart of dust curse as Aelar nearly split a troll in half with a powerful bolstering strike. The entry to the cave was taken quickly and with little issue and now the heroes push deeper into the cave knowing that finally they have found Skalmad and are ready to put an end to his campaign against Moonstair…
The seige of Moonstair

Cadno and Chi ran further into Moonstair to help the town watch secure the docks while Bax joined the rest of the team in identifying a blightborn troglodyte riding a Manticore and three Wyverns cycling in the skies preparing to attack. Lucci began casting her spells to ward off the attacks as the creatures commenced flybys. Aelar protected his allies from the ground while Dwyer took to the roofs with Vennerzad’s summoned companion to flank with the Vampiric striker. Bax relied on his wings gifted as part of his draconic heritage to take to the skies and fight the winged aggressors in their natural environment. Jealous of Bax effectiveness, Dwyer fell through his own shadow emerging 40’ in the air slashing at a Wyvern as he plummeted to the ground. Sensing that the battle had turned the remaining Wyvern’s banked in the sky and took off for parts unknown.
No sooner had the Wyverns disappeared than the ground rumbled and blightborn thorns and demon thorns sprang from the earth. Jockeying for position amongst the minions and controller Lucci used her mage hand to drop the heavy gate upon a demon thorn. Remarkably the lumbering giant was able to roll out of the way, avoiding the damage. Dwyer used his shadow magic to draw all combatants to him before teleporting out of the way so Lucci could devastate them with another arcane spell.
Finishing off the vile beasts the team took a breath and realized they had turned the tide of the battle. Helping with the cleanup of Moonstair the party learned the extent of what had happened. Most of the villagers had fallen back inside the eastern wall. Kelna led the battle at the docks in which most of the city watch fell stopping troglodytes from landing another wave for the siege. Taking a boat out to Rualiss’ island they found the Eladrin burning a pyre of monsters that had mistaken his island for being uninhabited. Aelar presented the arcanist with the broken skull the party found in Mavrak and Rualiss presented him with a suit of whiteflame armor in thanks as well as telling the party the legend of Moran and Vard.

Video overview

Mavrak pt 3 and the return to Moonstair
Surfacing from the ruins the group continued their exploration of the Mavrak ruins in search of Skalamad’s resting place. Approaching three large burial mounds in the distance Cadno and Dwyer made out the shapes of several lurking creatures. As the group closed on the site they identify a life eater wight among mob and greater ghouls. Drawing the undead to them the team manages to dispatch their opponents with little harm to themselves. As the skirmish comes to an end a glowing bird circles the heroes, it is a message from Rualiss informing them that Moonstair is under siege by trolls. Before setting out to Moonstair the heroes quickly ransack the burial mounds finding some treasure and confirming that Skalamad’s bones were still resting, its eye socket missing. With that knowledge everyone returned to Moonstair with no rest.

The heroes reached the perimeter of Moonstair on the third day of travel not knowing what to expect. What they found were Ogres, Trolls and far realm abominations raiding the outskirts of the village. Splitting up the party ran into the midst of the chaos. Running through the streets the heroes handled the battle with upmost confidence. With their timely intervention the heroes managed to distract the Ogre warhulk and ice trolls from penetrating the outer walls. Chi, Cadno & Vennerzad fought off both Grimlock grunts and Nothic Gazers in the alleyways while Aelar, Lucci and Dwyer focused on the larger enemies. As the immediate threats were dispatched the team looked to the sky and saw several flying creatures begging to descend upon them…

Video overview of Mavrak encounters

Mavrak, Part 2
Monday, March 7th

The party continues its exploration of the ruins under Mavrak. They investigate the collapsed passage and find a small area hidden in the rubble, locating three creeping gate vines. Exploring the doorway, they discover another exit leading deeper into the ruined troll town.
Heading further underground by way of the stairs, the group discovers an area in a state of collapse. Where the swamp has invaded the dungeon, they encounter a Stormrage Shambler and four Azure Jellies. Defeating the monsters, the party recovers 6 pp, 100 gp, and 2 topazes (each worth 500 gp).
Proceeding deeper into the complex, the party arrives in a large chamber. Bas relief of trolls building their kingdom adorn the walls. The images depict trolls fighting eladrin and using dwarves as slaves to build their fortifications. In the chamber, they fight a two-headed troll, a troglodyte curse chanter, more troglodyte warriors, and troglodyte spear warriors. Defeating the curse chanter, they secure as treasure:
1 scroll of ghost walk
1 cloudy lilac diamond (1000gp)
2 black pearls (500 gp)
1 bronze circlet studded with ruby chips (500 gp)
2 pp
2 Thunderstones
+2 Pure Spirit Totem

Continuing tp Explore Mavrak, Part 1
Saturday, February 26th

After the initial foray with the trolls, stone giant, and ettin, the party continues to explore the ruined town of Mavrak. Among the ancient stones, they detect movement near a set of stairs leading underground.

Investigating the site, they awaken an Earth Titan, who defends it’s ruin aggressively. The party rallies and defeats the primordial elemental. Taking the stairs, they begin to explore the lost chambers underneath the swampy ruins and find them overrun by troglodytes. The troglodytes fight with tooth and claw, spear and javelin, against the intruders. They also call upon a pair of bloodrager trolls and some domesticated rust monsters in their defense of the lair.

During the foray, the party also discovers a large throne holding a bone golem made principally of the skeletal remains of a cyclops. The golem awakens and battles the party, as do an advanced arcane animated arbilest and a corroded helmed horror. The party defeats the constructs, and discovers that they were guarding an Ironskin Belt.

At this juncture, the party is faced with a decision – pass through a set of doors, follow a flight of stairs deeper into the complex, or investigate a collapsed hall.

Journey to Moonstair
Tuesday, February 8th

The PCs gather up the treasure secured by defeating The Emerald Dawn, and begin making their way to moonstair. Along the way, they encounter an oni mage, a pair of trolls, and a trio of troglodyte impalers pawning over the corpse of a horse and it’s human rider. Defeating the monsters, the PCs search the rider and recover the message it was carrying – a letter from Kelana Dhoram to th Baron of Therund.

The letter expressed condolences. The Baron’s son, Etheran, has been killed by Skalmad and his trolls. The letter also indicated that Etheran’s sword, Sunwrath, was lost to the trolls. They also appealed to the Baron for help, because Skalmad intends to march on Moonstair with his horde.

The PCs decide to continue to Moonstair, and make their report to Kelana. They find lodgings at cloudwatch inn, and check Cham‘s stock of adventuring gear. After securing their lodgings, they present themselves to Kelana. Kelana rewards the PCs for their loyalty and pays the party 500 gp for coming to their aid. She informs the party that a troll warband intends to sack Moonstair, that the baron’s son has been killed, and the ancestral sword of the Barony lost.

The party accepts Kelana’s quests to defeat the troll “king” Skalmad, search for the ancestral sword Sunwrath, and defend the town of Moonstair. They learn from Kelana that a member of Etheran’s party, a dragonborn named Bax, survived and returned to town. Kelana supplies the party 2500 gp to finance the party’s activities from the town treasury.

The party searches for Bax, finding him in poor sorts – drunk and immensely disturbed by the events that befell his friends. They convince Bax to join them, not only to guide them back to the last known location of Etheran and Sunwrath, but also to potentially avenge his friends’ deaths.

The group also visits with Rualiss, an Eladrin wizard living in exile in an island in the Nentir River near town. He agrees to send an arcane message to the Baron detailing events and lobbying for assistance. Rualiss also provides some history of the region relevant to their quest – implying that Skalmad is either a reincarnated king of the lost troll kingdom of Vardar, or a pretender using his legacy to rally trolls under his banner. Rualiss tells the players that Skalmad was believed buried in a mound near the ancient Vardar ruin of Mavrak.

The group sets out the next day, deciding to first visit the mound near Mavgar Ruins. The trip takes several days by horse over swampy fens. Approaching Mavgar, they encounter a pair of trolls, an ettin marauder, and a stone giant taking shelter in one of the crumbling ruins. They take a fight to the monsters defeating them. In the ruins, the party recovers a gold ceremonial breastplate with a bas-relief of a withered tree (worth about 2500 gp), and a +3 battleaxe.

Fane of the Emerald Dawn, Pt 2

The Party continues its exploration of the Fane. Parting the curtain of horrid necrotic flesh, they reveal a living area for servants of The Dawn. The defeat a group of Dragonborn Raiders and a dragonborn fire adept, although the fight is pitched and hard.

The group decides to rest before continuing further. Their rest is disrupted by a team of dragonborn gladiators, who attempt to sneak upon them during their repast. The attempt fails, and the party defends themselves, dispatching their attackers handidly.

The group continues, finding the leader of the raiders, the Dawn. Revealing herself as an adult green dragon, she defends herself against the party amid a horrible trap that forces victims into a realm of mirrors and fog. The entire group survives the void, although they learn that the lost souls of many elves still remain, trapped in the fog. The group slays The Dawn, and recovers her treasure:

Premonition Ring
2 Potions of Clarity, 10th
A chest containing 2000 gold coins stamped with a mint from lost Vardar (a lost Troll kingdom), with the words “FRUM SKALMAD” carved into the chest
2 casks of elven wine (worth 200 gp total)
5 Bolts of cotton (worth 400 gp total)
120 platinum coins
2 emeralds (worth 2000 gp total)
5500 gold coins
A silver lamp inlaid with moonstones (worth 1500 gp)
A bone scroll case capped with decorative onyx (worth 500 gp), with a scroll of Raise Dead within.

Fane of the Emerald Dawn

The party descended on the lair of The Dawn, a creature who commands The Emerald Dawn. After tracking the villains to their lair, a long-lost temple once devoted to Tiamat, the party encounters devotees of the Dawn – Yuan-Ti Abominations, Yuan-Ti Malison Archers, and Dragonborn Raiders. The inhabitants of the Fane fight to the death, and fanatically defend to the last.

They discover that the elven prisoners taken by the The Emerald Dawn, have been slain, their remains incorporated into vile defenses of the temple in service to their master. Many of the corpses have been integrated into a horrid gate of perverse necrotic flesh.


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